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As far as my memories go back, passion for nature has always been present. The many hours spent searching for and observing wildlife remain engraved in my memory.
By the age of 15, I discovered photography and used my camera to capture the strong moments spent in contact with wildlife.
Very soon I join the associations of studies and protection of nature (LPO, ornithological and mammal groups ...).
A native of the Pays de Loire region, I develop my naturalist and photographer skills by regularly attending and promoting the two remarkable natural sites that are the Loire valley and the Basses Valleys Angevines.
Professional photographer since 2001, I endeavor to share with the greatest number the emotions experienced in contact with wildlife and thus participates in its preservation.
Before any shooting or reportage, I take the time to know the environment and the animal: I inquire and solicit the local skills (associations, naturalists ...); I spend long hours observing the behavior of the species; I soak up the atmosphere. So I can photograph at best.
Thanks to this method, the proximity with the animal is sometimes surprising.
For certain species (large birds of prey, bustard ...) the hours of watch can be very long (from sunrise to sunset) so as not to disturb the species and thus "fatigue the chance" as Robert said so well Hainard.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items