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  • Arnaud CHICUREL

    A long-time photographer, Arnaud Chicurel finds in the shooting of monuments and coral reefs a natural extension to his activities as a lecturer at the Louvre Museum and as a dive instructor he regularly performs. He resides several months a year in Egypt on the shores of the Red Sea, his promised sea where the melee unbridled in colors and shapes offers infinite resources for photographic compositions. He is the author of articles and books on marine fauna.

    With time, Arnaud specializes in Paris, his hometown, where he climbs on unusual points of view to offer us a panorama of his breathtaking city.

  • Christian SARRAMON

    Sarramon Christian was born in 1942 in Toulouse.
    After studying law and political science at Toulouse and in Paris, he did his military service in cooperation in Bolivia as a professor of international law.

    He makes his first photographs and develops his taste for travel.

    During the decade from 70 to 80, he worked in various media groups (Express group, CEP ..) as a publisher (Architecture Today Urbat, Architectures).

    Meanwhile, he published his first stories in travel magazines, exhibited his first pictures and participated in the birth of collective Contrejour with Claude Nori, Arnaud Class, Patrick Duruy, where he met the big names in the photography (Robert Doisneau, Andre Kertesz Edward Boubat, Jean Loup Sieff, Willy Ronis ...).

    In the early 80s, he finally chose photography, working with major French and foreign magazines (Figaro Magazine, Elle, Elle Decoration, South Side, Muséart, Vogue, Vogue Decoration, Distance, Animan, French House, AD, House and Gardens, World of Interiors, Arkitectur & Wonen ...) and sign fifty books by Flammarion, Shores, Editions du Chêne, Hachette, Parigramme, Conran Octopus, Quadrille Publishing.

    His specialties are traveling, Lifestyle, Architecture, portraits of cities, decoration, culture at large.

    For his personal photos and travel diaries he favors black and white. He lives and works in Paris and his wife is his assistant for over 40 years.

  • Franck GUIZIOU

    Self-taught photographer, nourished by the travel stories of Loti, Kessel or Montfreid and many others, he never tires of traveling the world: from the bivouac in the Alps where he resides in distant voyages in the Mongolian steppes or along the rivers Sacred of India. He brings back images of the diversity of peoples and cultures in the world.

  • HEEB Christian

    Swiss born Photographer Christian Heeb is renowned for his images of Native People and Landscapes in the Americas. He is the Photographer of over 120 coffee table books and countless calendars and magazine articles. As the founder of the “Cascade Center of Photography” a Photo Studio, Workshops Center and Gallery in Bend, Oregon, he makes his home in Bend,Oregon and El Sargento,Mexiko.
    Christian Heeb’s images distinguish themselves by rich colors and dramatic perspectives. Together with his partner Regula he organizes Photo Tours and Workshops in the US and all over the world.

  • Louis-Marie PREAU

    As far as my memories go back, passion for nature has always been present. The many hours spent searching for and observing wildlife remain engraved in my memory.
    By the age of 15, I discovered photography and used my camera to capture the strong moments spent in contact with wildlife.
    Very soon I join the associations of studies and protection of nature (LPO, ornithological and mammal groups ...).
    A native of the Pays de Loire region, I develop my naturalist and photographer skills by regularly attending and promoting the two remarkable natural sites that are the Loire valley and the Basses Valleys Angevines.
    Professional photographer since 2001, I endeavor to share with the greatest number the emotions experienced in contact with wildlife and thus participates in its preservation.
    Before any shooting or reportage, I take the time to know the environment and the animal: I inquire and solicit the local skills (associations, naturalists ...); I spend long hours observing the behavior of the species; I soak up the atmosphere. So I can photograph at best.
    Thanks to this method, the proximity with the animal is sometimes surprising.
    For certain species (large birds of prey, bustard ...) the hours of watch can be very long (from sunrise to sunset) so as not to disturb the species and thus "fatigue the chance" as Robert said so well Hainard.

  • Ludovic MAISANT

    Born in Grenoble in 1971 and after studying economics, Ludovic Maisant becomes a studio photographer. Too curious about the world to stay between four walls, he specializes mainly for the travel press then the art of living and decoration.

  • Michel DENIS-HUOT

    For almost thirty years, Christine and Michel Denis-Huot, spend several months a year in the bush, mainly in the heart of the Masai Mara, where they observe and photograph African wildlife and the environment. Michel has always been passionate about nature and fell under the spell of the great wilds of East Africa on his first trip to Kenya in 1973 at the age of 20. This is Tanzania, in 1985, he met Christine. Since then, privileged witnesses of the beauty and fragility of nature, they explore the savannah independently aboard their 4x4s. For them, photography is not just a profession, it is primarily the expression of a deep attachment to nature and freedom ... Their photographic work delivers a passionate look and attentive including the big cats - lions , leopards, cheetahs - they find themselves year after year. They know better than anyone enter the atmosphere and capture the lights of these grandiose extended, show the tremendous wealth and astonishing vitality of animal life. Their images have been published in many prestigious magazines, both in France and abroad.

    While practicing photography during his travels, Christine specializes in the drafting of texts of many photographic subjects on wildlife they have sold all over the world and their many books.

  • Sylvain CORDIER

    Passionate about animal photography.
    Born on April 22, 1946 in Vesoul (Haute-Saône).
    Current residence in Obernai (Bas-Rhin).

    First expeditions to Amazonia and Papua New Guinea in the 1970s.
    First cooperation with iconographic agencies in the 1980s.

    For more than 40 years, I have traveled the world in search of rare or original moments of animal life. I am interested in mythical species such as the polar bear or the lute turtle as well as the banal species of our fauna such as the European Roe deer.

    The life of birds by Vincent Albouy, photographs by Sylvain Cordier and Alain Guerrier.
    Preface by Allain Bougrain Dubourg (Ed Flammarion, 2005)

  • Walter BIBIKOW

    Walter Bibikow, an American photographer living in Boston, Massachusetts, has been taking over the world for over 35 years. After working for many years with advertising agencies and the 500 most affluent companies in the world, he spent the last 15 years exclusively as a travel photographer, such reports being used in publications such as National Geographic, Paris Match, Merian, the Nouvel Observateur, Fodor? S, Frommer? S, Insight Guides and Lonely Planet. His work is often used by companies like VW, BMW, Holland America, AT & T, American Airlines, United Airlines, Siemens and Sony. He lives for the journey and enjoys sharing his vision of the world with you!


    Yann becomes photographer and contributor to newspapers such as National Geographic, Geo, Life, Paris Match, Figaro Magazine etc. Gradually, he began more personal work, particularly on the relationship man / animal which come out books Cattle and Horses. On the occasion of the first Rio conference in 1992, Yann Arthus-Bertrand decided to embark in a large photographic project for 2000 on the state of the world and its inhabitants: it's Earth View From Heaven . This book met with international success with over 3 million copies sold and the photographic exhibition outdoors, presented in a hundred countries, was seen by some 200 million people.

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