Frequently Asked Questions


About the photos sold on the website


Why did you choose to work with Yann Arthus-Bertrand ?

Our collaboration is the result of an encounter between two people passionate about making beautiful pictures. Both men have a same approach to their work and wished to develop the idea of authentified and signed Art prints.

Why aren’t the photos numbered ?

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has always wanted to show his photos to a maximum number of people in order to share his message about the future of the Earth. Numbering the pictures would limit the diffusion of what Yann Arthus-Bertrand has to say.


How to be sure of the authenticity of the photo ?

The prints are produced in the photographer’s workshop , then authentified and signed by himself.
A certificate of authenticity is delivered with each print, signed by the photographer, who then certifies that the print is in accordance with the original.

Where to see Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s photos ?

You can access a collection of about 300 photos which will be enriched each month.
At the moment, there are only aerial photos, but soon you will find photos of animals and a lot of others, many of them unknown and never published before .

What to do, if I don’t find the picture I’m looking for on Hemisgalerie website ?

We have selected a collection of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s photos. Unfortunately, we can’t show his entire collection. If you are looking for a photograph from one of his books and which isn’t in our selection, please contact us by mail and we will try to satisfy your demand and contact you as soon as possible.

Can I order a print in a different size ?

You can choose between 4 standard sizes of prints. If you are looking for a specific dimension, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will study your request.


Do I get an Art print or a poster ?

You get an numeric Art Print made on a Canon professional printer. It is not an Offset print as used to make posters.

Is it a hand signature or an electronic one ?

The signature is authentic, Yann Arthus-Bertrand signs each print individually in his studio.


I’d like to get a dedication on my print ,with my name or a phrase.

All the prints are hand signed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand but we can ask him to add your first name or somebody else’s on it.


What is the difference between an original print and a print from a batch series?

The prints we sell are produced one by one on demand. They are signed and authentified by the photographer, as opposed to printq from a batch series which are not made individually, and are only labelled with the photographer’s name and are not signed by hand.


Why is there a difference in price compared to other original print shops ?

The prints we sell are signed by hand by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, printed on demand and authentified by the photographer. This is the main difference compared to prints done in batch series which are not signed by the artist. We are very careful with the way, the whole process and the conditions in which the print is produced.


How can I pay online ?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, check and through our partner « Le Pot Commun »


Are the payments secured ?

Payments made through our website are safe and secured by our bank CIC (3D Secure). Your bank details are crypted (SSL, Secure Socket Layer) and can not be seen by others on our website.
Your bank details can not be intercepted. A padlock icon appears on the screen during payment processing.


Is there another means of payment other than by credit card ?

You can pay your prints by check, bank transfer, Paypal or gift voucher. Only French bank checks will be accepted and there will be a delay of ten days from reception.


How can I use a discount code ?

If you have a discount code from Hemisgalerie, you can use it whilst paying on our website at the end of the process. Some codes are limited in time. Check their validity.


How do I use a gift voucher ?

You were given a gift voucher from your friends or family, you can use it by giving the number written on it. If the value of the voucher does not cover the amount of your purchase, you can complete it with another means of payment.

What about if I’m offered a print that I don’t like ?

If you have a print you don’t like, you can change it within 15 days (from the date of the order). Please contact us and we will explain you how to proceed. The prints you will return must be in a perfect state in the original wrapping and then you will be able to choose another print of the same value.

What type of framing is available ?

We have 4 types of display available for your signed photo prints : Dibond, laminating with Plexiglas, American style framework, Regular frame.
As soon as you have selected the print you want, you then choose the size, then the type of display.

Can I buy a print and frame it by myself ?

Obviously, you can buy a signed print and frame it yourself. The print will be sent to you in a rolled packaging.


Is my print protected from bad weather ?

A print, like any other piece of art, is fragile. It is important to respect a few caution rules. Don’t put your print under direct sunlight, be aware of differences of temperature. A stuck print on Dibond doesn’t have any protection, so it can easily be damaged by direct sunlight or splashes of water ? A print covered with Plexiglas can be damaged by excessive temperature or dampness as the edge isn’t protected.


What is the process for the delivery of my framed photograph ?

Once signed and framed, the photo print is carefully protected to be delivered safely. It is protected with reinforced pieces of foam on the corners, then wrapped into bubble wrap. A cardboard container and a brown paper complete the packaging. The parcel is given to the delivery service that you have chosen. If you notice any damage on the parcel when you get it, please inform the delivery service and write down « subject to verification» on the delivery receipts.

Do I have several choices for the delivery ?

You have several choices for the delivery. First of all, you can take your print directly at the address of the gallery. We also use the service of Mondial relay which has got several points of withdrawal next to your home or work. We also send parcels through La Poste, using The track Colissimo service (for the first two smallest sizes). We can also book a transporter (for any size of parcel).


What is the expected delivery time ?

The delivery delays are different according to the destination and the way of delivery you have chosen. It can take between 3 or 15 days, depending on the city or the country, you have sent it to.
With the package reference code, you will be able to track your parcel at any time.

Are the shipping fees expensive ?

The shipping fees depend on the size of the print, the type of frame (the final weight), and also on the required destination and the selected delivery service.


How do I do to have my parcel delivered to a reception point ?

It is very simple to select a reception point but it has to be in France, Belgium or Luxembourg. 
When your order is done, and as soon as you have chosen that type of delivery, you will see on your screen, a list of delivery points around your address. You’d rather withdraw your parcel in another region, you can start a research (for example : list of delivery points in the 75001). Once you have selected the most convenient address for you, you finalize your order.

I would like the print to be delivered to another person.

It is possible to have your print deliver as a gift to another person. You will just have to fill in the specific delivery address while ordering. Then, select the way of delivery required.


What shall I do if a damaged print is delivered to me ?

If you notice that the parcel is damaged when it gets delivered, please mention it to the deliverer and write down « Subject to verification » on the delivery receipt. These incidents can occur, it is difficult to prevent anything.

How do I track the delivery ?

You can track the delivery of your print, any time. You just have to connect to our website, select the client account, then « my orders » and you’ll be able to know exactly what’s going on with your order.


How do I get the invoice for my order ?

You can download your invoice whenever in PDF from your personnal account after selecting « my orders ».
You will also find the invoice with your parcel if both addresses (payment and delivery) are identical.

Can I see the photograph in the shop ?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the photograph in the shop . We don’t have a showroom open to the public but you can see the different frames in our office in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. You will see frame prints. Pllease contact us for an appointment if you want to visit us.


How do I get a news update for the site ?

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